Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer 2012

     Summer 2012 has introduced a few challenges:

           • Residual exhaustion from a hard year.

          • An 8-week plan to revise at a whole new level I know nothing about except that it 
            seems to be slow, more intense, and require a lot more concentration.

          • Searching for a place and time to write now that the family has descended on 
            the house.

          • Not missing summer: watching my daughter catch fireflies, hitting the pool, 
            letting a day unfold, doing something for fun and not because you have to do it.

     So in the interest of attending to these things, the Writer Girl blog has got to go on hiatus until school starts in September.  I'll be back then though with some great suggestions on where to write, some insight on a new level of revision, and a look into characters who tell stories inside your story.  Until then, go mix up some lemonade from actual lemons.  See you in September!

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